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Spam control with wildcards and/or regex support

Dmitry shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello, we need spam control to support wildcard matches (at least), because not everyone runs WHMCS on cPanel and such, so there is no possibility to filter spam server-side. I personally don't mind the spam emails reach ticket system if I can filter it properly in WHMCS Spam control.

Having big amount of spam last days, this feature is needed urgently.

Please consider this a priority task.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We have been focussing on human verification methods to help prevent these kind of automated submissions; such as recpatcha. In my experience this is more effective than trying to block IP addresses individually or in blocks.

Have you tried switching recaptcha on the contact form?



We don't have any problem using a standard captcha and there is no reason for us to ruin UX with reCAPTCHA, because the ticket spam we receive comes from email POP collection. Luckily it would be easy avoidable if there was a possibility to block content and subjects using wildcard matching.


472351a7249f71fa0743069f7c6f2106There are some days when we have dozens of such tickets. A simple subject spam filter *. Погода* ("weather") could be used to stop this completely, but we must make bulk deletions every day instead, because we have no way to filter it in WHMCS.

This comes from POP email collection and not from the new ticket form, so once again, CAPTCHA has nothing to do with this.

All kind of spam we ever received always had a pattern, so the best way to filter it is a WHMCS spam control with wildcards.