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Show the lowest monthly price

Razvan Rosca shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


We, as most providers, offer the best Monthly pricing when paying Triennially. In such a scenario, Monthly payments usually have the highest cost. Currently WHMCS shows the monthly pricing, no matter if there are lower costs for other payment terms.


  • 1 month: 10eur/mo
  • 3 months: 9eur/mo
  • 6 months: 8 eur/mo
  • 12 months: 7eur/mo
  • 24 months: 6eur/mo
  • 36 months: 5eur/mo (basically a 50% discount)

Currently WHMCS shows 10eur/mo on the order form, when it should show 5eur/mo.

Sellers should have the option to show the monthly price for monthly payments (like it is right now), or monthly price for the longest period (current feature request). This has a very high impact on sales and marketing.

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Completely agree! In your example, the order form will say "From 10 eur/mo" when, in fact, it should say "From 5 eur/mo" since the starting price (that is what FROM means) is 5 eur/mo... that is the best/lowest price.


I agree, but the actual behavior should allow the customer to select the billing term (defaulting to the least expensive) right on the order form, and the prices should update based on their choice.


Is there a 3rd party extension that does this while we wait for the consideration process from WHMCS? Or, how do other users handle this problem?

Also, is 9 months consideration normal for a feature request like this?