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Shopping section of domain names, more elegant and with more features

Full Tech shared this idea 8 years ago


WHMCS would have to have a shopping section of domain names, a little more elegant and with more features

Compare the purchase page Enom:

WHMCS need:

1 - News & Help (inform the new TLDs - and help, with frequently asked questions)

2 - Terms and conditions for domain name registration. (And why not add the cost of the share of ICANN)

3 - Download TLD list (Many customers may wish to download a list of TLDs)

4 - Categories (good function is, divide into categories of domain names, I sell over 100 domains and WHMCS current list is very long.)

A better design would not come up at all bad. Think of all sellers of domains of the world.

Files: TLDs.png

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I like the idea to add the ICANN fees as an extra. Overall very good suggestions.


And yes i agree that we for sure need a better Domain Management module in WHMCS. Right now its very hard to manage the pricing part when you have more than 50 domains.

For e.g. if a domain a not at all allowed to transfer to us then it looks foolish to add "-1.00" on all the boxes, a simple enable/disable button can do that, and just think if one is offering in multiple currencies.

Many more..


Any news officially? At least, you have thought the opportunity to add the "ICANN fees"...


Full Tech, please check out the various improvements and changes made to the domain checking and ordering process with Version 7. Here is a link to the release notes: http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.0_Release_Notes