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Restrict new "Application Linking" feature with customer Opt-Out

Dylan O'Donnell shared this idea 4 years ago

The new Application Linking feature in the latest WHMCS is amazingly great.

Unfortunately its on or off for every single customer in WHMCS.

Some of my customers are resellers who get a hosting discount then bill and manage their own hosting clients. Currently this would allow their clients to see the wholesale billing and other clients under that reseller due to the connected authentication. This is a security risk. It bypasses the "contacts" access levels so that anyone with the cPanel login has access to the greater WHMCS client account.

There are other situations where opting-out a customer from application linking is preferred. e.g. Families or businesses with multiple hosting accounts where the designated cPanel level user should not have access to the WHMCS billing / ordering / WHMCS client area.

Suggest an "opt out" tick box for client account the admin can set in these situations.



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You can opt out the client from the SSO already, but I would love to be able to hide the whole section in their cPanel for the same reason.

Having a billing link to our system for the resellers that use their own isn't good.




This facility, although at the time I thought was amazing not realising that many of my clients have their own clients, and so this has opened up a big risk for my clients clients to access information they should not be able to see. Solution would be for each account holder to add or remove this facility for any of there cPanel / Control Panel admin areas and should be set to default off.


Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. Staff can switch off application links on a per-service basis using the "Manage App Links" Module Command button under the client's Products/Services tab.

As this idea hasn't gained traction in the 2 years since it was created, we are declining this request at present. If your clients have their own sub-clients, then they should consider switching to reseller level hosting (something fully supported by WHMCS) instead.