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Reset Website button

David Popovic shared this idea 5 months ago
Already Possible

We'd love to provide a tool where our users can reset their website. Here is the prototype: https://awesomepartners.mybalsamiq.com/projects/crc/prototype/Reset?key=b3918ab85ab63972c08ba07b7ed5542887be8136

We can currently either reset via the back end

However, we would like an option for users to reset the website template on their own. Adjusting the link can be a little too confusing for some of our users, who are not tech-savvy.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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Hi David,

Thanks for your suggestion.

This could be added to the provisioning module you are using, either as a custom button array and/or as a custom page:



Your screenshot doesn't appear to show one of our official modules, so I'd suggest speaking to the vendors so they can consider adding this.