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Put the WHMCS templates on a public GitHub Repository

Ahmed Samir shared this idea 7 years ago

There are many WHMCS Theme designers and developers out there. I am one of them. When WHMCS makes theme updates/adjustments, it is always a problem to find out what files/lines were changed. The Changelog does not always have the exact data, and since the themes html code inside the TPL files is not always properly indented and beautified, it becomes rather cumbersome to update one's custom theme.

I believe it would be immensely valuable if WHMCS would put the public templates and order pages on a public GitHub repository, this way it is much easier for theme designers, developers, and WHMCS license owners to update their themes easily.

WHMCS, please take this request into consideration.

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This was done as part of the WHMCS 6.0 release cycle. You can view the templates here: https://github.com/whmcs and read about our recommended workflow on our blog: http://blog.whmcs.com/developers.php?t=112975