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Product overview improvements

scysys shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

The Product overview on: /clientarea.php?action=products is good, nut there are Customers who order the same Product multiple times.

So on there overview they see listings like:

- Test Product Orange

- Test Product Red

- Test Product Orange

- Test Product Orange

The Problem for Customers on this is to know which is the right "orange" Product to Manage it.

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Hi there,

Can you please clarify the nature of the change you are proposing be made here?


I would prefer an option here, to choose answers as an privat message for your team.

ProductID | Productgroup | Productname

1 | mygroup | myproduct

2 | mygroup | myproduct

3 | mygroup | myproduct

4 | mygroup | myproduct

So Customer have the same Product 4 times. If he not learned his Product ID, it takes time to find the right Product to manage.

Sure we can use the Field "Dedicated IP" on: /clientsservices.php?userid=xxx, but this not the same. Better would an new field where Customers can leave an own privat note on Product overview.


I strongly support this feature. It is a pain in the ass to guess the product when they all have the same name...