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Option to show/hide payments gateways per country

Zomex shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


I'm experiencing big problems with certain gateways not accepting payments from some countries. It would be great if each gateway has the option to select which countries can use it.

Ajax could be used on the checkout so when the country is changed the available gateways show and those unavailable for that country don't.

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Modulegarden gateway is not useful, $49/year or $300 just for gateway is too much and don't want to depend on someone else.

It will better If WHMCS implement this.


Please include this functionality as part of thw WHMCS core itself. In LATAM many people does not have credit cards so we use local payment gateways gor each country which acepts cash payments.


Other software that are competitors of WHMCS offer this feature as standard.

Surprised WHMCS doesn't want to built it in to match the other panels features that are available.