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Option to show/hide payments gateways per country

  • Zomex shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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I'm experiencing big problems with certain gateways not accepting payments from some countries. It would be great if each gateway has the option to select which countries can use it.

Ajax could be used on the checkout so when the country is changed the available gateways show and those unavailable for that country don't.
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    setting the payment gateway based on client location
    I want to activate payment options client wise or country wise.For Example: For Indian Clients (India Location), I want to enable any one payment gateway that would be used by Indian clients onlyor I want to set a default payment gateway for particular client.


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Yes it is a super important feature.

7 years for considerer this option is insane!

Is a very basic option Come one !

The module garden opcion for payment allocator not work fine.
Yes is very important feature.
Also interested in this feature.

Stripe SEPA ans Stripe ACH could benefit from this big time
Other software that are competitors of WHMCS offer this feature as standard.

Surprised WHMCS doesn't want to built it in to match the other panels features that are available.
Please include this functionality as part of thw WHMCS core itself. In LATAM many people does not have credit cards so we use local payment gateways gor each country which acepts cash payments.
Modulegarden gateway is not useful, $49/year or $300 just for gateway is too much and don't want to depend on someone else.

It will better If WHMCS implement this.
I wished ModulesGarden module "Payment Gateway Allocator" would allow this, or much better if WHMcs considers to add it.
Juanzo, this is exactly what our module does now :) It has been improved and updated since posting our last comment in this thread. Now you can also create rules to freely show/hide payment gateways per country and even the state.
"This is standard on most every e-commerce package and WHMCS should be no different to protect us as server hosts." -- Shawn

Exactly, this is pretty much required functionality guys and has been for years. Why even the internal debate guys (WHMCS), it doesn't make sense?
I need this option too. because I have some payment gateways specially for specific countries.
We have released our Gateway Limiter module where you can choose the country for each gateway and you can enable/disable a gateway for single clients and you can enable a gateway only for existing clients. It should interest you: try out our free trial
Since we cannot use address verification on credit cards outside the US, offering alternative verifiable forms of payment is critical. Using our US gateway for american V/MC/AM/DI, Paypal and/or Skrill for international cards is the only way to confirm and verify payment. The ability to choose which countries have access to which payment plan would be based on country dropdown -- the customer chooses Australia and the available forms of payment are Paypal (credit card or paypal payment through paypal), and if they choose a US possession or state, our credit card gateway is available. This is standard on most every e-commerce package and WHMCS should be no different to protect us as server hosts.
I think that this feature is a must have for our business.
This feature is really necesary. We are having big problems withoust this featured on WHMCS. Many gateways are just for a specific country, but anyone can use it, jsut because is tehre, as an option.

This feature is built into ecommerce software like Magento where the specific country is permitted to use selected payment methods.

A ''must have'' feature for sure!