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Option for multiple free domains

serverprofis shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


in germany it is very common, that you get more than one domain for free, when ordering a hosting package. I feel like germany is the only country where this is so.

At normal you have, say 3 Domains for free, you can register the 3 Domains at order time, or order them later. But always free, because they are billed with the normal hosting package.

We have tried many things and workarounds with WHMCS and its always very unwieldy for the customer to get his free domains.

It would be nice, when the customer can see in his account, how many free domains are used.

It should be configurable what TLDs are free. e.g. only .de Domains, or mixed like .com/.net/.org Domains.

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Hello, please create this feature because it's really important and useful! THANK YOU


Were also would like to give customer 5 or 10 free domains with their hosting packages.


Any news about this? It's really IMPORTANT because it's the concept for the most of the hosters.