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Non-latin characters transformation in the SEO-friendly URIs

Anonymous shared this idea 7 years ago

The SEO-friendly URL generation function removes non-latin letters. But

some of them are important letters that should be transformed to their

closest-match latin characters in the URIs. Google sees these special

letters as synonyms to visually almost identical latin symbols. But

removing them destroys words and makes the URL SEO effort pointless.

This requires a simple PHP transform function, so that all these symbols


are transformed to corresponding latin letters. I see "Å¡" is

transformed already, so probably you need only to include other

characters in the function array as well.

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Yes, it is essential to eliminate accentuation without eliminating the letters.


For non-english we can't use "KB SEO Friendly URL" .

"-" replaced instead of words in url...


Hello guys. There is solution for the problem https://whmcs.community/topic/240797-knowledgebase-non-latin-seo-urls-fix/

It would be great if WHMCS can include this into regular release, i do not want imageine situation, when the fix stop working. But is is great that someone have solved it..


Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions and votes. We first investigated this idea last year, but encountered a blocker in our new routes Friendly URL system.

We've re-visited the idea again today and brainstormed some possible alternatives. So I expect from further investigation will be taking place over the coming months.

Please keep adding your votes and comments, it really helps!