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Display order processing animation after clicking Complete Order

Jeremy OConnell shared this idea 3 years ago

At present it is not obvious to clients that they have clicked the button to process an order. Oh sure the browser's load page icon starts swirling but that is small and many people don't pay attention.

I have noticed some orders can take ten to fifteen seconds to process. This means clients need to wait but since the screen doesn't change in anyway people get impatient. Therefore I suggest the following change to reduce ordering errors and help with impatient buyers.

1) After client has filled out all order fields like name, email, phone, selected payment method, etc they click the button to place the order; as they currently do.

2) WHMCS checks to see if any required fields are missing and if so warns the buyer; as the system does now.

3) If no errors exist the page changes to a simple message saying something like "Please wait while we process your order...". There should be an animated gif like arrows spinning, a ball bouncing, a bar moving, etc. This is the new part.

4) Once the system has processed the order the results, either success or failure, are shown to the buyer; as they system does now.

The only change from the current method is that please wait message. The whole page should change to make it very clear to the client something is happening instead of the current process where it looks like nothing is going on.



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This is very essential UI featue and should be implemented as soon as possible. Currently WHMCS's order processing really makes customer thinking that nothing is happening and/or server is very slow, which immediately confuses and impacts negatively on the order processing experience - or even on some cases makes customer cancelling the order process as it seems to be so slow. Some kind of box displaying animated bar and a text "Please wait while we process your order..." would improve this experience dramatically.



Thanks for your suggestion and votes.

We've received your feedback here and in other conversations with users, so I'm pleased to advise this is a UI refinement we plan to introduce in the next feature release (v7.6.).


Hello, I didn't see this in the latest version? All that happens is a small animation on the 'Complete Order' button. Is this the change that was made? I think we'd need a little more than this. Currently processing takes a very long time for something to happen.



Yes that's correct; the button is disabled so it cannot be clicked a second time and a spinning animation is displayed on the button. The process takes only as long as your chosen service does to provision.