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iWHMCS power management

malfunction shared this idea 7 years ago

Using the Carat power management app developed at UC Berkeley, iWHMCS consistently comes up as the top energy hog on my iPhone 5. Confirmed by 302 other users running both Carat and iWHMCS I would apparently gain an additional hour and half of battery life daily by removing the app. Suggest taking a look at the way it works to get things as optimized as possible.

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Are you still seeing this with v2 of the iWHMCS app?


Sorry no idea, iWHMCS stopped working a long time ago on my iPhone 6 although it is updated to the latest version. Got pretty tired of having an app that has marginal functionality at the best of times and quite likely doesn't work when required (usually in a crisis when working remotely), so bought a third party responsive theme for the full version of WHMCS instead.