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Mass Invoice Download

kenny85 shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration


It would be great if you could check off the invoices from the customer area, and download them all at once.

When my clients have to file their taxes, they have to enter each invoice, and download it. This, if there are few products, is simple, but when a customer has many invoices, it is very cumbersome.

Ideally, the client should be able to select all the invoices from their client area and download them at once with a button.

Consider this, it is a simple but very effective functionality.

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Hi Kenny,

Thanks for taking the time to submit this feature suggestion.

It sounds like making the Batch PDF Report availableto clients might meet your requirement?

We use the DataTables jQuery plugin which allows us to create the great paginated, searchable and column sorting tables. Unfortunately this does not support a clickable row and selectable rows at the same time. So it wouldn't be feasible to do this from the main invoice list. However it could potentially be done via some other method on the page, or via its own page?


Hi, John,

I think, yes, I think the possibility for customers to download batches of PDF invoices, would be enough.

Right now, if a customer has many services, they should go invoice by invoice to meet their tax commitments.

Being able to download a batch of PDFs from certain dates, I think it could be a good feature so that customers don't have to do it for every invoice.

Thank you!