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Integrate FraudLabs Pro into Fraud Protection Core

MC Hosting shared this idea 2 years ago

I'm one of the many users of FraudLabs Pro. I'm very happy to use their service in screening fraud orders and hope it can be integrated into the WHMCS core instead of an independent module that could be broken when we upgrade. Blesta and ClientExec have integrated it into their fraud module core. It has free Micro plan that really help us when we are still a small business.

You can find many reviews in the forums that are supporting the usage of FraudLabs Pro.


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Hi all,

Version 7.7 has now reached public beta, which includes this feature: https://preview.whmcs.com

The documentation for these new options has been published at https://docs.whmcs.com/FraudLabs_Pro

Please join us during the pre-release testing period and provide your feedback in our dedicated beta community board: https://whmcs.community/forum/462-v77-beta-discussion/