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Full Plesk 11 Support

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago

Please update the Plesk module to be at feature parity with cpanel. There are several key things that we require:

1) Out-of-the-box support for Plesk 11.

2) Bandwidth and Disk accounting.

3) Ability to decide if a second domain will be listed under the "customer" record of a different domain or under a unique Plesk customer. Today, additional domains are only placed as additional domains on the first Plesk customer record.

4) Button in the Plesk admin module to log into the Plesk control panel using the account credentials.

5) Have the ability to properly send out new service welcome letter templates using the Plesk credentials of the proper account. This one is hard to explain, so let me provide example. Customer creates example1.com. Customer record is called example1 and domain is example1.com. Welcome letter for this works fine. Customer creates a second account for example2.com under the same WHMCS customer record. Domain example2.com is created under the Plesk customer for example1. Welcome letter goes out, but shows the Plesk user as example2. This is inaccurate because the customer record is actually example1.

I would like to understand if WHMCS has intentions to continue to maintain the Plesk module correctly and if the features will be brought up to the same (or nearly the same) capability of the cpanel module.


Best Answer

A new Plesk module was included in the 5.3.3 release which supports Plesk versions 8 through 11. It includes support for Disk and Bandwidth Usage Stats reporting and auto login support. If you encounter any problems with it, please let us know.

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Just in time before the unveiling of Plesk 12 at the Parallels Summit in New Orleans next week. D'oh!


Which module name do we select? Is it Plesk or Plesk Extend


Check out our module Parallels Plesk Panel Extended For WHMCS as it offers what you need and even more. It supports all Plesk versions starting from 9. You will find more information here.

It's worth to mention that the module is recommended by Parallels®. More information about it here.