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Disallow editing if admin login has timed out

Sixu LLC shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I often have a coupe of pages open in the admin as I'm doing several different things. What happens frequently is my attention is directed elsewhere for a short period of time and when I come back and make changes to an already opened page (for instance an estimate/quote) the changes are lost due to a time out of the login token (even when "Remember Me" is selected at login). This is extremely frustrating! If the admin home page is refreshed, then the login is preserved, but by this point the changes have already been lost.

What should happen is when the "Remember Me" checkbox is checked at login, there should not be any token that expires.

Or if the login token must time out, the admin user should be prevented from editing any open pages. Perhaps a "Refresh Your Login" overlay should be displayed to prevent admins from wasting time entering changes that will be lost?

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Howdy. I think I may have been incorrect in what was causing this issue. The error message I was receiving was "Invalid CSRF Protection Token." This was causing an issue when saving changes after a window had been open a period of time. I saw a post that said to disable CSRF Checks under Setup > General Settings > Security. Will this resolve the issue I'm having? Are there any drawbacks?