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default product pricing should be disabled (-1) and not 0.00 (free)

Russ Michaels shared this idea 7 years ago

When adding products the default prices are 0.00 (FREE) it is very easy to forget to change them to -1 and end up with a free product on your site to be abused.

I really think that the default should be disabled (-1) to avoid this problem. Better to have it disabled than free, which you might not notice for a very long time by which point you have lost money.

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I suggest you update your WHMCS to 5.3.x - there is a different method for pricing set now, allowing you to enable/disable a recurring billing.


at the time this was posted there was no way to disable the different payment periods.

Which this has been fixed on products, it has not been fixed on addons or configurable options, which still has the same issue