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Dedicated Server new email message

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago
In Progress

This questions is in related to accepting a dedicated server order, as there is no API for dedicated server how can I add my own password and username and IP address to a New Dedicated Server message, because as soon as I confirm the order the email with predefined details will send automatically . However if I modify "Dedicated/VPS Server Welcome Email" under setup email template same details always send with different people.

My question, is there any possibility as soon as I accept an order the server details which I already added to the content of message delivered.

Alternatively each time I have to accept order then automatic message send, afterwards ask clients to ignore the login details and manually send them login details by clicking on clients>View clients then select particular client, and on the middle right "send Email" then OK and type the right login details.

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You can add from client product details before confirming the order