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Control SSL Status Monitoring per Product

Frank Feingold shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

Starting with WHMCS 7.7.0 SSL monitoring has been introduced. It currently appears to check for a valid SSL certificate for All products/services that are:

  • Hosting Account
  • Reseller Account
  • Dedicated/VPS server

We'd like to see an option on the specific service to override/disable the SSL check.

In our case, we have a particular type of VPS that we sell that comes with a software firewall. The client configures the firewall so they have access to the VPS and the VPS has a valid SSL. WHMCS on the other hand, does not have access to their VPS so the SSL check shows an invalid SSL.

This causes two issues:

  • WHMCS shows an invalid SSL when there really is one (WHMCS just can't check it)
  • The VPS firewall logs the fact that WHMCS tried to connect to the VPS (to check the SSL status)

Both of these are are causing a number of un-necessary support tickets.

It would just be a lot more flexible if the SSL check could be turned off on a per product/service level.

Comments (4)


You should definitely be able to enable or disable this on a per product basis. Not everything is about SSL certificates.


I expected WHMCS to, at a minimum: 1) Not enable this "feature" automatically

2) Check for compatibility before showing SSL status

3) Show an ERROR that the cert couldn't be checked instead of NOT SECURE!


I love how WHMCS eedits our comments to remove any negative information


Personally I'd rather see the option to disable it all together from the admin side. For now, we've removed all code on the customer side.