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Control SSL Status Monitoring per Product

Frank Feingold shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Starting with WHMCS 7.7.0 SSL monitoring has been introduced. It currently appears to check for a valid SSL certificate for All products/services that are:

  • Hosting Account
  • Reseller Account
  • Dedicated/VPS server

We'd like to see an option on the specific service to override/disable the SSL check.

In our case, we have a particular type of VPS that we sell that comes with a software firewall. The client configures the firewall so they have access to the VPS and the VPS has a valid SSL. WHMCS on the other hand, does not have access to their VPS so the SSL check shows an invalid SSL.

This causes two issues:

  • WHMCS shows an invalid SSL when there really is one (WHMCS just can't check it)
  • The VPS firewall logs the fact that WHMCS tried to connect to the VPS (to check the SSL status)

Both of these are are causing a number of un-necessary support tickets.

It would just be a lot more flexible if the SSL check could be turned off on a per product/service level.

Comments (3)


You should definitely be able to enable or disable this on a per product basis. Not everything is about SSL certificates.


I expected WHMCS to, at a minimum: 1) Not enable this "feature" automatically

2) Check for compatibility before showing SSL status

3) Show an ERROR that the cert couldn't be checked instead of NOT SECURE!


I love how WHMCS eedits our comments to remove any negative information