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Custom URL for "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons

Jesús Carrera shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

The "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons which use the Single Sign On (SSO) from WHMCS to cPanel send my clients to the URL "server.myhostingsite.com:2083", but I'd like to send them to "cpanel.myclientsite.com", or to "server.mywhitelabelsite.com:2083".

WHMCS uses the "create_user_session" API call from cPanel, and there is a way to manipulate the URL used with the "preferred_domain" parameter.

I guess you could easily add a "SSO URL" option to the WHMCS > Setup > Server options to add a radio to select:

- "Don't change": What happens now (server.myhostingsite.com:2083)

- "This Server Hostname": Use the server hostname + :2083 (server.mywhitelabelsite.com:2083)

- "Client website subdomain": Use a custom subdomain, which by default can be "cpanel" + the client website (cpanel.myclientsite.com)

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+1 to this!

It's incredibly frustrating to have WHMCS break the white-labelling when a client passes from their account into cPanel. We try really hard to maintain a single set of URLs for our clients, to keep things simple, but then this process breaks it :(


I agree, white labelling must be maintained.