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Custom fields for add ons

Thomas shared this idea 8 years ago

I believe adding custom fields for addons would be a huge feature to add to the WHMCS system.

With our products, almost every order gets an add on with it which needs to be customized to the client's needs. Right now we have to have all of the custom fields for the addons along with our main custom fields for the products. To me this could be done way better.

Please add this WHMCS!


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Yet another feature I can't believe WHMCS doesn't already have. What I'd also like to see is the ability to upsell other products in the same way addons are upsold (checkbox). This would allow the functionality of all product features including custom fields, provisioning etc. which addons don't support.

I just requested this feature here:



We have ssl cert as an addon, and we want user able to input which domain he/she would like to apply on. Right now WHMCS said the custom field of addon is for "internal use", which make it almost useless. Please make this function!