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Connect whmcs and Firebase

Jeffrey condon shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

Have whmcs and Firebase connected this would allow someone to setup Firebase with whmcs It would allow the owner to allow their clients to only have to create one account to link to external sites or software and the users can also delete their account via the website.

For example if whmcs was connected to Firebase and a developer created an app or another source of software they can link their source of software to Firebase to make it easier for the clients to only have to create one account instead of having to create multiple accounts. If an administrator or a client wanted to delete their account they could so through whmcs.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for submitting this suggestion.

It sounds like you are suggesting an ability for clients to register or sign in to the client area using their Firebase account credentials, is that correct?

It's my understanding that one accessing Firebase using a Google account. WHMCS already supports Google as a Sign-In Integration module: https://docs.whmcs.com/Sign-In_Integrations

Please do provide more details if that isn't quite what you're suggesting here.