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Clients can't add funds if admin do not manually mark their order as Accepted, change this

Anonymous shared this idea 4 years ago

When WHMCS admin want to limit clients to add funds into their client account only if they have active orders ("Require Active Order"), there is a problem.

Active orders is not equal to active services.

Active order is only one that WHMCS admin manually Accepted (Accept Order button on the Pending Orders page).

This is problem as im not always manually marking orders accepted.

I wish clients can add money based on Active services, not Accepted orders. Maybe adding new option into WHMCS/General Settings/Credits that can affect this.

Or simply allow client to add money if they have order that is paid. (don't have to be marked Accepted)

Thank you

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I can confirm this is the intended behaviour of this option. It sounds like a request for a new option "Require Active Service" would better serve your needs?