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client area domains page improvements

cyberhostpro shared this idea 3 years ago
Already Possible

Some changes I would like to see in the whmcs theme.

On the domains page it will list all the domain names even ones expired several years ago.

I would like if it it instead have 4 tabs

Active (default)


Recently expired


users would by default see just their active domain names and a seperate tab for ones expiring or recently expired to quickly filter and renew, expired tab I would personally list domains expired 30+ days ago.

I too would like it if we could set it to delete all domains expired 1+ yr ago. Maybe have a text line at the top of expired menu saying domains over 1yr are deleted from our system.

this too would be good on the products page for customers with lots of products new/old who will default just see active products and terminated/cancelled products can be viewed on a second tab.

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Thanks for your suggestion. The six theme has these filter options on the primary sidebar so clients can quickly filter their domains by status.


Is there a way to make "Active" the default view? No need to have to click on it every time...