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Cancellation Date

JB shared this idea 7 years ago

I've requested this before and I will ask again.

It's very important to identify the date of 'termination' or

'cancellation' of a product.

On product field, I would like to insist to insert a new field:

Cancellation date.

We already have: Registration date, next due date.

Sometimes I need to identify the exactly date when the system terminate

that account (automation) or request the cancel.

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+1 from me. I would love to see cancellation date next to cancellation reason in cancellation message box visible in client product page. This is very easy thing to do if you have access to sources.


The other issue that happens without having the date is, if you "auto-terminate end of cycle", and you still have not paid the current invoice for the service, it will cancel immidately, not till the next cycle. I've had clients accidently delete theier services this way a month earlier.


We have had customers who needed their hosting to be cancelled on a specific day for whatever reason... like closing up business etc and automating this takes a bit of work off our accounts and support teams