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Bring Back The Domain List Pricing!

Yohanes shared this idea 1 year ago

In v7 WHMCS removed the domain table pricing i found it troublesome because not every user wanted a domain just "being suggested" and instead want to see the full pricing table being offered by a webhost, an addition of domain grouping is also very welcome to ease up looking up the domain selection.

WHMCS should be able to make this pricing table an opt in-out on admin preferences.

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Agree with this. Domain Pricing was helpful... I would also request to get the Bulk Domain search option back. This is also removed in V7.


Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestion and votes.

In version 7.2 we added a categorized pricing matrix to the domain registration page (cart.php?a=add&domain=register).

And in version 7.5 we added a full domain pricing table which includes redemption pricing (/domain/pricing.

I hope you find these useful.