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Board view and ux for Project tasks.

darren shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Switch task ui to board view that allows for:

  • dragging to different buckets,
  • define and easily change the status of tasks
  • allow for inline comments, attachments etc.
  • @mentions in comments or task body
  • allow for time tracking directly on the task
  • apply points to a task (estimate of level of effort)
  • predict date at which task will be completed based historical velocity at which points are completed

Essentially i cherry-picked the most valuable features from pivotal tracker, (image below) Its my tool of choice for software projects. It somehow manages to effortlessly mix, scrum, kanban, and just sensible project management in an easy to use tool. For a long time, even when i had a licence for whmcs PM plugin, I would take clients ticket requests and organize it in pivotal, and add a link to whmcs ticket. A few months ago i started using whmcs pm again... but it breaks down pretty quickly with even a small team.

Please consider adding these features. I know its not a small effort, but would be well worth it for users.

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