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Better WHMCS & cPanel Integration - cPanel Inside WHMCS Client Area

cyberjorge shared this idea 7 years ago

I know there is already a request here for "cPanel Integration" which aims to have cPanel functions inside the Client Area.

Our clients are mostly familiar with cPanel already and resellers love the feature to just jump to each of their client's cPanel.

What I want to see is a cPanel tab inside WHMCS Client Area which when clicked will login the client to its cPanel account page without leaving the Client Area. The client should see the same if they choose to login directly from http://www.domain.com/cpanel or http://www.domain.com:2082. I see some kind of this integration with several hosts already such as Hostmonster and Bluehost.

This provides better branding for us, benefits of a single sign-in for our clients and quick links to get to their domain management, order new services, contact support and other existing WHMCS features for Client Area.

I agree the recent partnership with cPanel and WHMCS will make this integration effort better and beneficial for users.

Thanks and hope to see a positive response to this feature request.

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Thanks for suggesting this idea. One of the reasons that clients currently need to select their hosting plan via the Services > My Services page before the login to cPanel button is available, is because a single client can have multiple hosting accounts with you across different servers. They need to choose which account to login to.

I'd be interested to hear your opinion on how the single sign on link would handle a client with multiple accounts. Also, might it be confusing to clients to have two places to access cPanel?


Hi John,

Unless a 'server' is setup for shared hosting, the cPanel button doesn't exist. So currently as I use API to purchase each account for resale, instead of buying a block, naming it as a server and divvying it up, I am unable to offer clients a single sign on feature. Will this ever be addressed? I would be happy to setup a test account for you on my site to help better explain if my wording is not descriptive enough.