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Banner ad space in Client area

Tim Trott shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We know that customers do not read mass emails and they also don't read "news" items in the Client area. Heck, half the time they don't even see the left column menu functions. So how do we get their attention for important information, new services or up-sells?

How about space for a banner ad be low the Client Area menu? A rotating graphic could promote new services or products, announce payment policies, point out resources and so on. It should be a fairly simple option to add and it would greatly improve customer communication. It might even be useful for affiliate sales.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your suggestion. Thanks to the template system we have in place, something like this could be added to your installation by way of a template edit; either to header.tpl or clientareahome.tpl depending upon your precicely desired positioning.


This is what I had in mind (attached). It would be great to be able to add javascript or similar for a standard banner manager. Even better if WHMCS were to include a simple banner manager function. It could be used for notices of maintenance, policy changes, new products or services, etc.