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Custom currency format, or more default formats

redIT shared this idea 1 year ago

The current lists of currency formats lacks the format "12 345,67" used in Sweden.

Would it be possible to add this to the list of default formats, or add the ability to specify a custom currency format.

Using the php function money_format() would also be a viable option of course.

Best Answer

We have introduced a lot more flexibility to price display formatting in WHMCS 7.1. You will now be able to customise the display format of all pricing values within the client area via the templates if you need something other than the default formats offered. Documentation on this can be found in the Version 7.1 Release Notes: https://docs.whmcs.com/classes/7.1/WHMCS/View/Formatter/Price.html

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A blog post has been published which explains a little more about this new functionality , and specifically how it can be used to manipulate the currency format: https://blog.whmcs.com/132057/customise-price-formatting-with-the-price-formatter

I hope you find that useful!



It's good to hear, that I can change currency in all template file.

But I need a solution, what change currency format in all page/email/invoice in one step.

Can I add a new currency format somehow in admin area?

Thank you!


WHMCS people:

Let me explain once more: Different countries have different configurations,

Example: if I invoice a person in Britain for 1.123,45 pounds you would inmediately say this is the wrong format, it should be 1,123.45 well this is what is happening to our British clients at the moment!

we need a choice of both these options everywhere numbers are displayed.

A invoice, quote, email etc., for the same hosting package should be correct for each country?

Is this that difficult to understand?