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API needs to be update as we can't relate sub-user with main user

webhostdominicana shared this idea 5 months ago
Already Possible

API needs to be update (For not owner users) its incomplete, as we can't relate sub-user with main user

I use the API to validate the login and then it loads the contents that belongs to that user, but after the update I am not able to do this anymore, because I can't find a way through the API to get the clients ID that belongs to the associate user.

1 - After I log In I get the userID for the associate user in an account.

2 - But I haven't found in the API a way to get the Clients that are associated to this account.

Please, how could I get those clients through the API?

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Hi there,

Please refer to the following page of our developer documentation which describes the new classes added in v8.0 for this use-case: https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/authentication/