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Allow Clients With Credit To Complete Order Without Needing Credit Card Info

Jazia shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

Please consider allowing customers with assigned credit to complete orders without the need to add a credit card or an additional payment method.


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Hi Jazia,

Thanks for your suggestion. The reason a payment gateway needs to be selected on ordering is to assign to the invoice and the service for renewal invoices.

If this is not selected upon ordering, how should the system determine which payment method to use for future invoices?


Hello John.

I really don't know how your dev team can frame this logic.

But this would have even solved the issue of affiliates too beyond making things easier.

For systems that has "remove accounts without products/services after 3 months", affiliates who registers are also terminated.

It renders the notion of an Affiliate system completely useless unless you are using third-party tools which the cheapest may be around $56.00 per month.

Frankly, I wish that you can implement this function as it will go a long way in making things easier.


The current conditions for auto-deleting inactive affiliates is detailed in the following documentation: https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Retention_Policy_Automation#Automatically_Delete_Inactive_Clients


Actually John,

We weren't looking to delete affiliates.

On the contrary, we wish affiliates can create accounts without the need to have any product or service to keep the account.

What we suggested earlier was for WHMCS to have a dual account system: 1 for those wishing to host an account and another for affiliates (marketing).

Thank you.