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Allow clients to increase disk space themselves

Arf shared this idea 2 years ago
Already Possible

Clients regularly fill their disk quota. It would be nice if they could log into WHMCS, select additional disk space add-ons (not just upgrade their hosting package), be billed, and have their disk space increased accordingly. We sell a lot of disk space ala carte.

Currently we've tried a few things in WHMCS. Creating our own add-on, even a disk space package, but in the end, we have to increase their disk space manually on the hosting control panel.


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Hi Arf,

Thanks for your suggestion. Which control panel software are you using please?

If it's cPanel or DirectAdmin, our Configurable Packages Addon provides precisely this functionality!


John, that's a really nice $70 add on. I'm not saying it has no value, but it sets a bad precident if every new feature in WHMCS can simply be a billable addon.