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After adding an event to the calendar - the display should should stay at the same date

ramf shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


As you may know - the calendar utility have a long way to go till it be really a calendar that we can use - you can see here a list of several things to improve.

But in the meantime there is something that maybe you can fix...

Now when I'm adding a new event to the calendar to a future date - after adding the event the display returns to "today" instead of remaining at the new event date...

This is quite cumbersome - especially when I need to add several events to the same date.

I think that calendar should keep the date view that it had before adding the new event.

The calendar should show "today" when opening the calendar and when clicking on "today" button - any other operation like browsing / adding events etc. should keep there calendar view position.

What do you think?