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admin only knowledgebase system in WHMCS

ramf shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


we need a way to use the knowledgebase for inside information / admin only.

We want to use some of the articles in the knowledgebase without letting our customer (registered or unregistered) to see this internal knowledgebase.

I know there is a way to mark the article as private so only logged in users can view - but we need a way to use some of the articles in the knowledgebase as internal only.


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+1 for me.. we need this. as there are some KB which are tend for our staff only.


Would be great as we could add material and videos which employees can refer to if they get stuck trying to doing something. Also would be useful for storing guides/steps to fix or correct certain server issues rather than Googling it. Once a working solution has been found we can add it to our admin knowledgebase for use in the future.


Aside from using this for documenting internal processes, it would be nice to use this as a method to keep articles in a "draft" state, so that multiple staff members could review (but not modify) a KB article before it is available to either clients or the public.

This is one flag on the article and a permission in the ACL system. Let me at the source for a few days and I'll have it implemented for you, with docs. :)