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Additional fields in domain transfers

Pablo shared this idea 8 years ago

WHMCS doesn't currently support additional domain fields for transfers. This means that transfers for .es domains (and probably many more) can't be automated, because the customer is never asked to fill the necessary fields. WHMCS should implement required domain fields in both domain registrations and transfers.

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This happens for .ca domains too, and we have to do a manual transfer everytime. Any update on this?


Additional Fields on Transfer need to be separate to Additional Fields on Register. In Ireland, the Registrant cannot be changed, so on transfer, this field should not be required, but needs to be there on Register.

maybe just add an extra param to each item in additionalfields.php . EG: ( see last 2 lines)

$additionaldomainfields[".XX"][] = array(

"Name" => "Registrant Name",

"LangVar" => "xx_regname",

"Type" => "text",

"Default" => "",

"REG-Required" => true,

"TRANS-Required" => false



Hi all,

I'm pleased to advise this has been implemented in version 7.7. Following the introduction of GDPR laws, additional domain data can no longer be transferred between registrars automatically. As such we've added the additional domain fields to the transfer order flow to gather the information from clients and make it available to registrar modules.