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Add whois.com.md in WHMCS file /includes/whoisservers.php

Host Md shared this idea 6 years ago
Currently Declined

.com.md|whois.com.md|NOT FOUND

.org.md|whois.com.md|NOT FOUND

.info.md|whois.com.md|NOT FOUND

.pro.md|whois.com.md|NOT FOUND

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Thanks for your feedback. I've tested this whois server but I am unable to connect:

  1. Error: 110 - Connection timed out

I've also double-checked from my workstation:

  1. PS C:\Users\John> telnet whois.com.md whois

    Connecting To whois.com.md...Could not open connection to the host, on port whois: Connect failed

If the whois server requires IP whitelisting for access regrettably that's not something we can implement in the code base.