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Add Late Fee to Future Invoice

Hanan Wilson shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We find that our Clients that pay with a check often remit payment for original invoice amount instead of the updated amount. Meaning, they don't cover the late fee and we have to call/email them...which gets confusing and adds stress to an already tense situation.

I would like the system to generate a new invoice for "non-monthly subscription" products or append the Late Fee to the next invoice for "month-to-month subscription" products.

For example, if "Monthly Invoice 1" is Late, "Monthly Invoice 2" will include a line item for "Late Fee". However, if "One-Off Invoice" is Late, "Late Fee" invoice will be generated. Same goes for "Quarterly Invoice 5" or "Annual Invoice 3".

Make sense to everyone?

Thanks for considering!

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needed this 3 years ago and still need this today ;(


YES...we need this every month!


We face the same situation monthly with our customer base.

What if we turned this late fee thing round into a early payment discount. That would be more understandable to most customers and they would actually look forward to paying earlier. It's positive feedback in stead of negative feedback and would greatly reduce tension. We could simply say - oops you missed the early payment discount. Better luck next time.