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Add back link in ticket view

Chris Gebhardt shared this idea 4 months ago
Already Possible

Currently, when viewing a support ticket there is no link to go back to the ticket list. It's necessary to use the browser back button. However, due to the different ways in which one can navigate to the particular ticket, this is not always practical, and the only option is to use the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

A simple fix would be to add a line similar to this in the ticket view template:

<a href="supporttickets.php?view=active">BACK TO ALL TICKETS</a>

We would place this in the white-space between the page title header and the ticket number / subject. But other locations may make more sense.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your suggestion.

This would perhaps be best handled via a template customisation on your installation to the /admin/templates/[template_name]/viewticket.tpl template.