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Ability to Hide Inactive Clients

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago

I know we can deleted them, but then we lose all their history,

invoices, trouble tickets, notes, etc, and many of these customer's will

either come back later on by themselves, or we will do a 'repatriation'

offer down the road to win them back - so we like to keep them for a

few years. Also, we're required to keep their invoice history for 6

years, so being able to hide cancelled clients would be very handy.


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Ok so we already have 3 possible statuses for clients - Active, Inactive and Closed - and only Active ones show up in the Active Client profile dropdown selection menus. But what you're asking for here is the ability to hide them from things like the intelligent search and main client lists by default also? How do you envisage the option for finding them working? Would you only be able to search for them via the main search on the Clients list page - never through intelligent search?

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i agree an update would be nice, this feature request is now 4 years old


Do they even read these requests? its a legal requirement for us to keep client records. but i have no option but deletion


They apparently read it 3 short years ago. ;) For us (and I would guess for everyone) this is an increasing problem. We are required to keep all these records for 7 years for the Government - yet we don't want to have every cancelled or inactive client visible in these searches or reports. Ideally - there should be a system-wide toggle so that we can 'Hide Cancelled/Inactive' on by default, and toggle it to show when we need to see them on a report.