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Option to suppress second invoice notification email when accepting split quote

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  • Payments/Billing
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When accepting a quote and choosing the option to split into 2 invoices (a deposit and a final payment), there's a checkbox below to "Send Invoice Notification Email", however we have two invoices. Which will it send? Just the deposit? Both?

This UI needs clarification.

If we have a choice, I believe it should only send the deposit notification as the balance invoice likely isn't due for weeks or months.


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Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.

As an immediate improvement, I have clarified the behaviour of this option in our documentation:

I hope that helps!
Thanks John, that does at least make it clear that we shouldn't use that option and instead manually send the deposit invoice email.

Will leave this open to see if others also would like the option to only send the deposit notification from there, that way we can save a step in this process.
Agree that it should be an option to only send the deposit invoice. It just confuses clients when they receive two ostensibly identical notifications. Then they lose the final invoice and you have to resend it on project completion anyway...
Glad that helped, I've updated the topic title to reflect the new scope for the change you'd like to see.