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VAT in two different currencies on the same invoice

  • Danijel Dolens shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing

i am starting this topic because it will be great to have possibility to display VAT in two different
currencies on the invoice, one after another like 20% VAT= € 1.00 and
then 20 % VAT (SEK-Swedish) = SEK 10.28
- rate of exchange= 10.2800. We are selling from Sweden and if we
sending the invoice in EUR we should have VAT shown in EUR and SEK at
the same time, including rate of exchange from EUR to SEK on the day
that the invoice was created. This also applies to almost every country in European Union. Thanks


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+1 Really needed
I agree that WHMCS should have this feature as part of their software. It is something WHMCS needs to customize themselves for their own customers in order to be legally compliant, but does not offer the same feature to their customers. I would appreciate if they considered adding this to future versions.
This will be a very good addition to existing product.. And btw, WHMCS is already doing this in their invoices.