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Updating WHOIS to accommodate. africa extension


Please note the following:

"extensions": "",
"uri": "socket://",
"available": "No information was found matching that query."

I know that WHOIS did not support .africa some time ago and maybe its just me or a new thing they added but now i can successfully search .africa on WHOIS with the follow code on-top on WHMCS user ( back-end under domains ).

Please note: I am not referring to the default search on the portal for seeing if the domain is available or not.

I would suggest to update this info specifically to accommodate all Globally / or specifically South African Companies utilizing .africa extension, i am sure everyone in South Africa had to change this feature to get there errors fixed, if no one has the fix currently please see the code above to apply.

I feel this code can now be a default in WHMCS as WHOIS supports .africa.

Thank you for your time!


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