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Update Heart Internet domain object to use v2.0 api

  • Ritchie Langley shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Domains

Update Heart Internet domain object to use v2.0 apicxvcxv

The current integration module uses the outdated 1.2 api which causes errors when registering domains and some other functions. Please bring this up to date to support api v2.0.



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To be honest the plugins that are created by WHMCS are part of the reasons that customers choose their system and I resent having to make a feature request to get it updated. When you buy a system you buy it based on the functioality it has and you don't expect that functionality to reduce over time.
I agree Ritchie, the current version uses the API endpoint released in 2011 so this is in desperate need of an update.

If WHMCS are not prepared to do this for their users, perhaps they could OpenSource the existing code to the community so we can update it for the rest of the users!