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Theft Protection lock/unlock for logicbox

  • dewdropz shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Domains
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i need a button for Theft Protection lock/unlock . for theft protection unlock client need logicbox panel access


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ResellerClub/Logicboxes modules support Theft protection known as "Registrar Lock".
Registrar Lock is different than Thief Protection, I believe.
Theft protection and Registrar Lock fully different..
No they aren't. Registrars call it their way. Like they call whois privacy/whois protection and for epp key they call it epp key/authorization code/domain password. changes to when you enable your theft protection which means it is not possible to transfer this domain. You can also check theft protection status of your domain in logicbox platform account whatever it is(resellerclub,uk2,innovadeus) after you do this. So they are both same thing you can either call it theft protection or registrar lock. So unless you don't know what you are working with, don't bother working at all.

For your convenience I include this link which you can learn more about which epp code means what.

This is already possible. I don't know why mods still leaving this as under consideration.
It was different. Now both function is working same.