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Support Ticket Timers

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We should have the ability to implement timers, just like Ubersmith.. should we need to follow up with a client (sales lead) and or support maintenance windows etc we should be able to set timers on tickets for specific time/days.


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I purchase an addon with this feature, and works perfect for me, at the addons market exist a person who develope similar request.

The name is ticket timet.
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Certainly an important feature that would ensure admins don't forget to attend to certain tickets. especially tickets that need to be attended to much later
Just tried Busyrack module and I belive that simple timer like on projects tasks is better,
+ Description per time scheduling
with total time for Ticket and Option to Invoice this total time
for example: 5 minutes: first review
30 minutes: fix
10 minutes: QA
total time: 45 Minutes
Invoice for 50USD

Best Regards,
People, go to this link:

Tom made a perfect addon
What about using the marketing system? you can add in a hook that does a check per your requirements on the daily cron run and sends out the correct email? no need to code in "tickers" whmcs already has the functions for this you just need to work up your own magic for it.
WHMCS Chris wrote:Hello,

Not everyone knows how Ubersmith does something - please be detailed in your request to ensure the community can understand.

I assume, because I'm not familiar with Ubersmith, that you wish to set a timer so you check back into a ticket - is that correct?
So what do you think Chris :)
OK well I persoanlly think this is a really good idea, both for support and sales.
Hi again,
I can see that this request is still under "Requires Feedback what other feedback or information do you need?
Sounds good.
so you can use it with a specific ticket status, so every ticket with this status only will get the reply that you want.
i know that about escalation rules, and this why we need X ticket reply follow up in x minutes, hours, days...NOT all tickets under department.....


disenioweb wrote:great idea, but i want to add this the action REPLY TICKET, to insert a reply that will send out in x minutes x hours x days
You can set it up under "escalation rules" - but is will affect every tickets in that department.
great idea, but i want to add this the action REPLY TICKET, to insert a reply that will send out in x minutes x hours x days
+1 for this as part of whmcs system
You guys are viewing/commenting, lets get those votes in!!! :)