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Support for Stripe ACH/Plaid Micro-Deposits

  • Karl Stallknecht shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing
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While the Stripe ACH integration with Plaid is very cool and allows for quick ACH verification, there was a huge oversight in my opinion when developing the gateway: if the customer's bank doesn't support Plaid's integration, the customer has no way to use the Stripe ACH gateway. In other similar gateways on other platforms, a micro-deposit option would be available when the customer's bank is not supported. Plaid has this functionality built in as an option:

Unfortunately the WHMCS Stripe ACH gateway isn't setup to work like this, so if you enable micro-deposits in Plaid you can initiate the deposits, but there is nowhere to return to verify them. After initiating the process with Plaid, it redirects you back to WHMCS and gives you a generic "error" message, after which you can't return to Plaid to verify the deposits.

I would really like to see this functionality added, so that the gateway can support all of our customers. We've already had multiple customers whose banks are not supported by Plaid and now our only options are to process payments manually for that customer or have them switch to credit card (which we don't want to do because the fees are so much higher).


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Hi Karl,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this feature request.

The reason we choose Plaid for use with the Stripe ACH implementation (apart from that it's recommended by Stripe) is that it provides instant verification of the customer's bank account details.

The micro-payments option adds an extra 1-2 days and requires additional steps for the customer to verify their account, and would require additional interfaces to be implemented to handle the process.
Hi John,

Thanks for your response. While I certainly understand the beauty of Plaid's instant verification and trust me, it's been really cool when we've been able to use it, the problem we are having is that Plaid does not support a VERY large number of banks. We've contacted their support and confirmed this. This means that many of our customers are simply unable to use ACH payments with the Stripe gateway at all, because there is no fallback method. We found that only about 10-15% of our customers' banks work with Plaid, which is a terribly low percentage.

I certainly don't want to remove the instant verification and go back to micro-deposits, I just want to add micro-deposits as a backup option if instant verification is not supported for the client's bank.