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Specify Second Level Tax on specific products (PST is not charged on every product in BC)

  • Nicholas Dew shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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In BC another provinces in Canada, as well as some states in the US there is a second tax that only applies to certain services and products. The way WHMCS is setup right now if you add a second level tax it applies to everything invoiced in that Province/State. This is a big problem as we would be charging extra tax and people would not use our services. If we don't add it though than we can get investigated by the Government and fined for not collecting tax that is required by law. We really need to feature added so we can specify which products should include second level taxes, it should not be to hard there is already a check box for taxes just split out in to two boxes one to apply first level tax and one to apply second level tax.

Nick D.


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Wow... 10 years and this still hasn't been implemented. I'm in BC and I also need to apply different taxes on some products. Please move the domains/hosting/invoices/etc checkboxes so they are tax-specific instead of Global as they are now and it would be solved.
We need to be able to meet our legal obligations and only select certain products for each level of tax.
...or maybe at least put a hook in where we can calculate the taxes ourselves with a nice array of the individual items with details?
I can't seem to figure out what each item's product is when looking at the tblinvoiceitems table to even try make something.

WooCommerce really has a very powerful tax handling that I would love to see here.
Yes, charging taxes for particular products should be an easy thing. On each product, you can specify which tax levels should apply, as not all products are taxable in Canada.

Very important! I'm surprised what other Canadian companies are doing?
We have to charge taxes based on State and City and in some cases County. We need more levels!
Uh.. this is a deal breaker.
I'm in BC too, and I have the same PST problem too.
But Jamie, it's only the 4th highest voted "Under Consideration" and the only one of them that deals with actual legal requirements to use the software properly in some jurisdictions. And it has only been requested since two years.
Let's wait with this some more and work a bit more on ...let's say... themes. That's more fun, easier and faster to see results.
Yup. In my 24 years of being in this business, I've been through the sales tax audits and I have had my hand slapped for not doing the taxes properly.

I quite simply can't use it until it does things correctly.

Priorities I guess...
Is there any movement on this? (or does someone have a patch or workaround?)

The ability to exempt some products from the 2nd level tax is definitely a deal breaker...
Nothing on this yet, eh? I was pretty surprised to be going through and setting up and finding that I can't exempt some products from one level of tax and not the other. Also in BC where some items are still PST exempt. This is a deal breaker for me in using this software. Has anyone come up with a patch or workaround?
this should be a must, we should be able to choose in the product which tax it should be rated
Please add this feature !
There are so many problems I've noticed since having to now have 2 tax levels:

1> Can only turn tax on/off on a client level.
2> You cannot turn tax on/off for 1 Tax level only, so Tax Level 1 applies, but Tax Level 2 does not, or vice versa.
3> You can manually update an invoice with a different tax rate (so, even changing it to 0) if necessary. There is no way to turn tax on/off per product on a client account
4> Reports for tax are paltry at best. It shows a summary of tax paid (Level 1 and Level 2), but you cannot see that separation on a transaction level.

This isn't a nice to have, these are need to have. I have already submitted a ticket to this so not holding out much hope this will be addressed, but more flexibility to taxation needs to be implemented!
Totally agreed.
Same thing, if we have a check box that says "Tick this box to charge tax for this product" we ideal would want two boxes.

Tick this box to charge Level 1 tax for this product
Tick this box to charge Level 2 tax for this product
Please add this feature, I need it atm..