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Signup Anniversary Prorata - Make work for Admin added services

Currently, if an Admin adds a service to an existing client, the service does *not* follow the Signup Anniversary Prorata configuration option.

Example: We have wholesalers who call us to add services. If we use the "Add new order" link in the admin interface, the service will have the anniversary date of when it was ordered and not prorated to the clients normal anniversary date.


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So I brought this up with WHMCS support yesterday because it made no sense to me.
I still have no idea who would set a date that they want everything to be billed on , then be happy when it doesn't actually work.

Technically it's a 'bug' because up until yesterday WHMCS nor the documentation on the WHMCS website stipulated that it was client side only.

Unfortunately the response that I got indicated that rather than fix the issue WHMCS just updated the documentation. I'm voting this up, but not holding my breath as so many requests get stuck in limbo.


Thank you for contacting WHMCS. I've investigated this and confirmed that the observed behavior is by design - prorata billing is intended to only apply to orders placed via the client area. Orders placed via the admin area and API are intended to ignore this setting and allow the admin to place an order that follows the default billing logic. If an admin wants to place an order with prorata billing, they can login in as the client using the "Login as Client" option on the applicable client in the admin area and place the order as the client.

As such, I have updated the documentation at to clarify this to help avoid any confusion regarding this going forward.
This is a bug more than a feature, the field in the product is pro-rata, not pro-rata for client side purchases only.

It's crazy to think that a different ordering method bypasses the pro-rata dates without acknowledging it anywhere.